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        GUANGDONG WESTINPOWER CO., LTD was established in July 2003. We are a national high-tech company focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales of intelligent generator set integration, and providing technical consultation, training, installation and maintenance services to customers enterprise.

        Westinpower headquarter and production base are located in the Westinpower Industrial Zone in Shantou Free Trade Zone. At present, Westinpower has built a domestic first-class assembly production workshop and a modern office building covering an area of more than 100 acres and a construction area of more than 40,000 square meters. Westinpower has a total of 9 product research and development test rooms equipped with advanced intelligent generator test equipment at home and abroad. The products are tested in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO8528-5 and GB / T2820.5-2009 and other standards to ensure the quality and high reliability of each product. Westinpower participated in the revision of the national standard GB / T31038-2014 "General Technical Conditions for High Voltage Generator Sets" and 11 industry standards.

        Westinpower adheres to the concept of "excellent power expert", responds to customer needs in real time, provides standardized, high-quality and reliable services, strengthens cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign customers, and is committed to promoting the prosperity and development of the power industry in China and the world.